I really want you to sit on my face, but I also want to take you out for breakfast.

Real talk.

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why isnt there a 30 day free trail for being in a relationship with your crush so you can see how it plays out

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The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them

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So I got bored at work and bought a diamond necklace… choicee bra

3 weeks ago on 03/28/14 at 09:28pm

A girl can fuck you in more ways than one.

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Could you just smack my ass that little bit harder. K. Thanx.

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who wants to hire me as their maid i’m not gonna clean im just gonna wear a cute maid outfit dust like 6 things and bend down a lot

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I miss these days most.

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alfiesconceptualdoubt asked: I think you're exquisite and your blog(s) is potent. Much love ma

Babygirl thank you. You are beautiful beyond belief.

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  • I think the best way to flirt w someone is to just put ur ass in their face.

Best part about owning your own shop is going shopping while you should be working.

3 weeks ago on 03/27/14 at 11:15am